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Implementing CGI for secure connections in transactions

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

An area that is often taken for granted when it comes to CGI programming would have to be security. If you have PERL CGI that is badly written, you put not only your account at risk for cracking. The worst situation is that the web server will be exposed to crackers.

If proven that you were negligent of your web server, the account will be removed and you can suffer costs for the downtime, reinstallation and others. Even big names in the industry fall into the trap every now and then. It is therefore, important to apply CGI effectively on secure connections. Continue reading

A list of other useful CGI applications/scripts

Photo Gallery Zoom (

This is a flash based CGI application that allows you to create a dynamic display of photos. This script allows the user to have a richer web experience by allowing them to preview photos with a 3x zooming capacity. You can use the scroll to manage the size and even play or stop slideshows. A great thing about this script is that the source files are already available so the script can be customized further to fit the user’s needs. It is compatible to CMS like Joomla, WordPress and e-Commerce website with numerous configuration options. It is a paid script but it is extremely effective for image driven websites. Continue reading

Applying CGI on secure connections in transactions in gambling

CGI on secure connections in transactions in gambling and roulette websites

Gambling sites are becoming more and more in demand in the market due to the increasing support from consumers and the massive amount of prizes that they offer for marketing purposes. On top of that, online gambling sites, legitimate ones at least, use secure systems to ensure that customer related data and critical site data from servers are protected and kept from possible risks and problems. Implementing CGI on gambling and roulette sites (you can find many on gambling related websites like TGBD) is a must, especially since they require forms to collect essential data for consumers. Continue reading