Implementing CGI for secure connections in transactions

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

An area that is often taken for granted when it comes to CGI programming would have to be security. If you have PERL CGI that is badly written, you put not only your account at risk for cracking. The worst situation is that the web server will be exposed to crackers.

If proven that you were negligent of your web server, the account will be removed and you can suffer costs for the downtime, reinstallation and others. Even big names in the industry fall into the trap every now and then. It is therefore, important to apply CGI effectively on secure connections.

A cracker is like a hacker, capable of accessing information from a compromised website. The scripts could be having credit card and personal information leaked on a compromised server. For UNIX servers, the damage could be too great that you have to reinstall everything from the disk to eliminate the issue. Even if only a limited number of people know your server, or you do not have web enemies, that is not the case. Someone will always be on the prowl to take advantage of a flawed website, thus making it imperative to improve CGI application on secure websites.

It is vital to ensure that all the forms that you make are free from all possible sorts of anomalies. For example, if this textbox is asking for phone numbers, it is necessary that letters are omitted from the equation and thus, sends back information that an error has been made. By being thorough with the scripts, it is possible to minimize simple to complicated errors that could happen. If you are thorough with your scripting, it will become second nature for you to create compelling interface for any site projects and endeavors.

The major challenge comes from the system commands especially if Perl can access a shell. For those who have already encountered UNIX shells, there are tons of characters and commands with different meanings. If an unexpected user input is to be applied, there is bound to be some problems. Lazy habits like not taking the time to assess and analyze the CGI codes could be a big risk for any programmer. It is vital for anyone working with CGI scripts to master a sense of thoroughness when it comes to scripting. Making a website easy to use is one thing but securing all possible features is another thing.


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